Monday, June 15, 2015

Still Training, Meet The Mormons,"I WILL BE THE ONE", & UPCOMING MISSION TOUR!

Hello Everyone! Kamusta kayo?

Yes, I'm still Training... Well, We had a Good Week last week.
We are still keeping track for our Investigators with Baptism Goal Dates.
Me & my Trainee are helping them Anchor their Faith through Daily Reading Of The Scriptures, Daily Prayer, & Attending Church. So Far They are Doing Well, & They're in Good Progress.
Last Thursday We had A Zone Training Meeting, (I Lost My Camera in the Jeepney)
The meeting turned out really great!
I learned a lot from the Zone Leaders. Especially When we discussed about "What Resources do we have as Missionaries to Help Members & Investigators attend Church on Sunday".

Last Saturday, We were able to Watch the Movie, "MEET THE MORMONS"
Oh, How I Love that Movie! I Love each Stories, I Feel so Inspired & Proud that I belong to The True Church of Jesus Christ. After Watching that Movie, It Increased My Application to this Quote to myself "Learn Like Him, Teach Like Him, Serve Like Him, Love Like Him, & Be Like Him!"

Yesterday, We had a special Area Broadcast, We went to San Jose for The Broadcast.
I was really Happy seeing Our Investigators wearing their Sunday Dress. :)
They are such an Amazing People, I never thought that they will attend the Broadcast Because San Jose is way Far from Lupao. But In my Surprise They did! After The broadcast I asked them if How's The Broadcast, They Said, "It Was Great!" So Happy that they liked it!
I was Inspired by the Quote, "I WILL BE THE ONE"
 I am wondering in Awe, for this Very Sacred Responsibility to Serve, Teach, & Love this People.
The Ward Leaders & Members are still doing Great! Our Ward Mission Leader was kinda telling us that he's tired of magnifying his Calling. I Was kinda Sad when He told us about it, But What We did was We Cheered him up and shared our Testimonies to him.
Also My Trainee Celebrated his 22nd Birthday Yesterday!
The Ward gave him A Dinner Birthday Party! It Was really Fun!

That's All for Today,
Always Remember,
I Love You All!
Read The Book of Mormon & Pray, Everyday, Everyday, Everyday!

Philippines Angeles Mission

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