Monday, June 22, 2015

We Are One!, My 19th Birthday Next Week!

Hello Everyone!
What a Busy Week we had last week!!!
June 17, We had our Mission Tour/Zone Conference Elder Bowen of the Seventy and The 1st counselor of the Area Presidency of The Philippines came with his Wife and shared a Wonderful Message!
Sister Clark shared something about The Principle of Loving One Another,
President Clark shared
WORKING in UNITY (We Are One in the Work of Salvation),
Sister Bowen shared The Power of The Book of Mormon,
And Elder Bowen shared Obedience, and The Abrahamic Covenant!
I Love their Talks! I learned so much stuff in their messages.
So much things to apply and re-apply as Missionaries.
Elder Bowen said that The Missionaries in The Philippines Angeles Mission is Lacking Of Power!
It was a good Reminder for me.
Elder Bowen challenged us to have 30 OYM's Everyday! OYM is "An OYM may be counted when you have opened your mouth and at least attempted to extend an invitation to a nonmember individual."
After Elder Bowen said that All the Missionaries (I think I'm included)
said, WOAH!!! hahahaha. It was a BIG Surprise for us.
The Next Day, Me and My Trainee achieved 30 OYM's!!! We were so tired and Happy that Day. But the next following Days we were not able to Achieve it. But we are trying our very Best!
Yesterday, Our MCM (Missionary Coordination Meeting) with the Ward Mission Leader and Ward Missionaries, was really Spiritual, We discussed about Our Work in their Ward, They really Appreciate our Work. Then, They told us about The Slow Progress of their Ward,
(We talked about The Less Active members, The Recent Convert of the previous missionaries who became Less Actives, and The Organization of their Ward)
They feel like giving up, and tired of doing The Work. We Cheered them up, shared some Verses, and Our Testimonies. That Time I feel also the same, But I am not showing it to them, We have Progressing Investigators here but Most of the Members here are Less Actives. While The Closing Prayer was said I was silently crying because of their Situation, The Ward Missionaries noticed it, & They Comforted me.
Now I am again beginning to Feel The Stress and Hardship of Missionary Work (Being a Trainer & Leading Everything). But right now I am fully recovered of Stress. I had enough in my First Area. Stress won't bother me any longer anymore. I just feel Bad for the Ward Missionaries here.They are tremendously doing great in helping us with the Work. I Love this Area! And I know that there's a Reason Why we're here.
Me and My Trainee are doing GREAT! In our 3 Weeks together, I can tell you guys that He is a SILENT PERSON! He never talks if you don't start it. Haha
A Missionary with such a Quiet Dignity! Well I am so Happy that he is doing what I say. He's a Hardworker and Obedient Missionary.
On The 26th of June One of our investigator is going to be interviewed by our District Leader. We are doing our Best to Prepare her. I would like to ask you, to Pray for her too. :)
That was Our Week. And All I can Say is #ItsTheBEST!
Wait, By the Way, I am going to Celebrate My 19th Birthday next Monday(June 29th)
Please don't forget to send me Gifts! hahahaha.
Here is My Mission Address:ELDER ORDEJAN
F. TaƱedo Street, Barangay San Nicolas

Tarlac City, Tarlac 2300
Don't forget to Pray and Read The Scriptures Everyday! Everyday! Everyday!
That's All for Today,
Keep me in touch...

Philippines Angeles Mission
*No Pictures (I still don't have a Camera)

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