Monday, June 29, 2015

My 19th Birthday Today!, My 10th Baptism next Week!

Hello Everyone!!!
Hurray! It's my 19th Birthday!!! Oh My Goodness!
I am now 19 Years Old! hahahaha. Getting older now.
Well, I do have Fever right now, It started 2 days ago. 
But I am feeling better now.:)
The Members here Greets me in advance yesterday.
They're The Best! I don't have any idea what to do today.
But, What we wrote in our planners is to Work, & Find People To Teach!
Our Work Week last Week was a little low compared to our last last week's Work. But in the Bright side, We had 9 Investigators that attended the Church Service Yesterday! So far that is my record here in Lupao.
Our Investigators really knows & understands the Meaning and Importance of coming to Church. :) They Loved The Church.
We are also focusing on our 6 Investigators. They are all so Amazing!
2 of them are Part Members, and 4 of them are Referrals. They have Baptismal Dates on the 18th and 25th of July. I Love teaching these People. They really are an Elect of God. 
Another Great News, Sis. Irene Marzan passed the Interview!
Sis. Irene has a Speech Problem, But It was a Miracle, that She Passed it.
Our District Leader who interviewed her said, that She answered The Questions right, He added; She has a Strong Desire to be Baptized.
I really testify to what He said. I am a witness of her Strong Desire and Testimony! And I am super excited for her Baptism on the 4th of July!
Me and My Trainee are still better and better.
Being a Trainer and Leading everything is a kind of a hard calling as a Missionary.
I am teaching him the principle of "I Will Be The One"
I sometimes get frustrated if he doesn't do  things that he should do, like Updating The Area Book, and Doing some Household Chores. In his 1st Week here I taught him everything that we should do and we should not do  as missionaries. He is still learning and applying it, step by step. He is still a QUIET PERSON, never talk to me if I don't start talking.
In this situations,
I just calmly sit, and said "Man! I Love Being A Trainer!"
I really do admire his diligence to work, and his skills at teaching.
I Love My companion. and we are working in Harmony & Unity.
That's all for today,
I wish for a Great and Marvelous Week to come for all of us!
Don't forget to Read and Pray Everyday! Everyday! Everyday!


Philippines Angeles Mission

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