Monday, August 3, 2015

2 Baptisms Done, And 2 Baptisms Coming Up!

Hello Everyone! 
I am sending you today a Message Full of Happiness and Love!!!
Why? Last Saturday, 2 of our Amazing Investigators, got baptized!!!
It is Brother James C. and Sister Julie O.
They are now official members of the Church! And I am a Witness of their Change and Growth, It was really a Great blessing for me to Teach these James and Julie. The members showed up for their Baptism, They are such a Great Support for them... The Baptismal Service was filled with The Spirit of God. It's always a Heart Melting moment when you see Investigators being immersed in the Waters of Baptism. But before their Baptism, The Daughter Of Our Former Bishop, celebrated her Birthday an Baptismal Service as well, in the same Day (August 1st), They had The Best and Fancy Birthday Party Ever! We have Pictures, I Love The Photo Booth! Lol.
Another Great News, Last Thursday, Sister Vilma S. and Brother Leomark S. passed The Interviews!!! So, This Saturday(August 8) We will have another Baptism!!! I've been waiting for this time to come! I remember the Time, when we OYM'ed Brother Leomark outside their Yard. That Time, I had a kind of a Vision that Leomark's entire Family will accept the Gospel, And It is now happening!!! Leomark will be baptized together with his Mother, this coming Saturday! I am so grateful that We Opened our Mouths, and talked with them.
Leomark is my Younger Version, And It is a Great Privilege for me to witness his Change, and That I found and Taught him The Restored Gospel.
Right now, Leomark and his 2 Younger sisters are attending The Institute and Seminary Classes of The Church.
Yesterday, We had Our Missionary Coordination Meeting, The Ward Missionaries, and Our Ward Mission Leader Congratulated us for our Hard Work, I Love them so much! They're The Best Ward Mission Leader and Ward Missionaries Ever! 
And now, Let's talk about our Companionship, Well,
Our Companionship for me is The Best, We are always in the Same Page! Still Working Hard, Still, Serving, Loving and Uplifting one another!
Elder Naylor is One Of The Best Companion that I ever had!
I am just so Happy right now! I Know that The Windows of Heaven is Open.
I Testify that The Lord, is pouring out His Blessings to Me, My Companion, Our Area, And in This Mission.
That's All for today...

Philippines Angeles Mission


*Baptism Pictures

Birthday Party Pictures

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