Monday, August 17, 2015

A Week Of Awesomeness!

Hello Everyone,
Sorry if my Email is kind of late today, We had a Zone Activity, We went to the Pantabangan Lake. It was really Fun!
I can't believe that Me and Elder Naylor has been together for almost 5 Weeks now. Next Week will be Transfers again. But I dont wanna be Transferred yet.
I wanna be with Elder Naylor for One, Two, or Three Transfers more. I still want to stay in Lupao. And I really really want to Witness some of our Investigators Baptism. But It depends, The Lord knows what to do, No matter what happens, I know that Everything happens for a reason.
Anyways, We are still focusing on our Investigators with Baptism Dates,
Actually, One of our Investigator will be interviewed this Coming Friday and She will be Our 5th Baptism for The month of August, Her Baptism Date is on the 29th.
She is one of The Solid Investigators that wr have here, She attends the Seminary and We have seen her Change because of The Gospel. I can say that She is Ready!
She's really really excited for her Baptism.
We Are also focusing the Siblings of our Recent Converts. They are all Solid, Names are; Divine(James's younger sister), Michelle, and Sheila(Leomark's younger Sisters).
They are all engaged in The Church. They attend Activities, Seminary and Institute.
They're all Amazing! I Love teaching them so much! We talked to their Parents and asked about them, The Mother of Divine and James made me teary eyed, She told us that She's been wishing for someone to change them, She added, I am Thankful to The Lord that He sends you here. You are my answers to my prayer. When she said that My Heart started to Burn. That's one of the Heart Melting Line that I've ever heard in my Entire Existence.
We Asked her if we could Teach her as well, And she said Yes!!!
It will be a great opportunity for us to teach her.
We will be focusing on her and their entire Family this Week.
Also, Yesterday, Leomark and James received the Aaronic Priesthood.
It was one of the Best Moment seeing those 2 ordained as sustained by the Members to be worthy of receiving the Power of God...
The members here are just Super Amazing! They're The Best!
They really are doing Great in helping our Recent Converts!
The Ward is now implementing The Home Teaching Program, And for sure it will help a lot...
Last Thursday we had a Zone Conference, It was really really a Wonderful Conference, I Learned a Lot, Reminded me of My Calling as a Servant Of The Lord, and helped me understand the Importance of The Holy Ghost.
Now, I would like to share something about My Companion,....
Yes! I am so Lucky, having Elder Naylor, I am a one Lucky Person! The Lord really knows Our Needs. :)
Elder Naylor for me, is like a Diamond in The Sky! You need to work hard, to get him. And sometimes I think I really need to be qualified as his Companion. We are in the Same Page, And I am really enjoying my time with him.
We will be expecting Great Things to come this Week.
That's all for today,

Philippines Angeles Mission

*Zone Activity
*Me and Elder Naylor
*With some Members and Investigators

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