Monday, August 24, 2015

Transfer Or Stay?

Hello Everyone???
Well, Rain was all over the Philippines last week, until now it is still raining.
I have some Announcements...
3 Of our Solid Progressing Investigators will be Interviewed this coming Friday!!!
Please help us Pray for them! :)
One of our New Investigator, Brother Mark O., seems to Love The Church. We've been teaching him for 2 Weeks now, He attends Church 3 times now, and He also attends Institute. He's really really Progressing! He stopped drinking Coffee when We taught him The Word Of Wisdom. For Sure He will get baptized this September.
Also, We have this Investigator, Marites M.,We've been teaching her for like 5 Weeks now. She attends Church Every Sunday, But She's really struggling in living the Word Of Wisdom. She Loves Coffee so much! But Last Friday, We emphasized the Importance of living The Word Of Wisdom, She committed to Live it, and Yesterday, at The Church, A Ward Missionary asked her if she stopped drinking Coffee. Marites said Yes!!! That was a Big Progress for her. She is really showing her Faith and Desire to Follow The Savior. 
And, Sister Jaycee T. Passed The Interview last Friday!!!
Hurrah! The Long Wait Is Over... She's been waiting for her Baptism Date.
And Now, It is happening! She will be Baptized this coming 29th of August.
I am so Happy for her! She has a Strong Testimony of The Gospel.
She is willing to submit everything, just to follow The Commandments of God.
She is Super Obedient and has the Attributes of Christ. I know for a surety that She will remain Strong in the Church. She attends Seminary, and Loves being at the Church. I am excited for her Baptism. All Of Our Investigators are experiencing Real Conversion. And I do testify that They are Converted in The Gospel Of Jesus Christ now.
I am Praying and Hoping that I don't get transferred...
Speaking Of Transfers. Yes! You're Right! On August 26,
It is Transfer Announcements Again!!!
This Past Days I've been Praying and asking for a sign If I will get transferred or Not.
And The Signs so Far are not really Clear. But Yesterday, I think I received an answer. during the Sacrament Meeting I prayed and asked God for A Sign...
After saying that Prayer, The first thing I saw when I opened my Eyes was The EXIT sign at the top of the Door. I think that EXIT sign means Yes...
Some of the Members gave me letters and started saying Goodbye...
It makes me Sad!!! My Heart doesn't wanna leave Lupao yet.
I Love This Area so much! This Area changed me so much!
And I really Love My Companion, Last Friday, In our Companionship Inventory
We shared The Christlike Attributes that We have. The Attributes that both of us have is Charity and Service. We Love and Serve each other Every Day. And Maybe that is the reason why, We really get along since the beginning of our Time together. I still want to spend more time with this Missionary, I am Learning a lot from him. He Never Gives Up, He is always Positive, and Never gets Mad. I Love his Personality and Sense of Humor so much. My Conversion and Testimony keeps on Increasing.
But, No Matter What Happens, I will always put my Trust in The Lord.
He Knows what to do. And Everything happens for a Reason.
That's all for Today.

Philippines Angeles Mission

*Me And Elder Naylor
*With The Members

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