Monday, August 10, 2015

What A Wonderful Week!

Hello Everyone!
Well, Last Week was really a good Week for us.
2 Of our Solid Investigators got Baptized last Saturday!
Sister Vilma S. and Brother Leomark S.bore their Powerful Testimony
in front of us. I was really impressed when Brother Leomark used a Scripture Verse in the Book Of Mormon. Oh, How I Love their Testimonies! 
I am so Happy that After Planting The Seeds Of The Gospel in their Hearts.
I experienced and Seen the Change and the Growth that they have now.
They are one of my Favorite People here in Lupao.
They are always Nice to us! Our Next Target is Sister Vilma's 2 Daughters and her Husband. And I know that they will set and show Good Examples for them.
Well, Our Next Baptism is on August 29th! I am also Happy that we're going to achieve The Stake Goal of San Jose Stake, which is 5 Baptisms Every Month.
I really believe and testify that Faith + Work(Obedience) = MIRACLES!!!
It will really bring MIRACLES! To be honest, I was discouraged by our Ward Mission Leader ,when I got here, He told me that this Area is Dying, and was Cursed, because of the Disobedience of the Previous Missionaries.
I did not believe in him. I told him that I can Bring Miracles back in this Area! And the Miracles are just Happening, And It is the result of Following and Applying the Things that I Learned in This Mission. I would Say that Obedience is a BIG part of it. I am Grateful for My Savior, and His Examples. He is My Role Model for Obedience. And with His Divine Grace I Know that I can Bring Miracles. What I would always Love to say to myself is Be The Miracle! 
Anyways, Yesterday The Ward reached The Highest Attendance since I got here, 101 People showed up and enjoyed The Spirit Of Christ in The Church. Sabbath Day will always be The Best Day for me.
The Leaders and Members here are still Amazing!
The Church is really TRUE! and I Love being a Missionary!
The Members here are doing GREAT in Fellowshipping our Investigators.
I just Love The Moment when I see Members and Investigators talk, serve, and laugh each other. I remember the Time when I was an Investigator.
And I learned that the Beauty Of The Gospel can Connect People into The Happiest, Brightest, and Most Spiritual Side Of Life!
Let's Talk about My Companion,
Right Now, He is celebrating his 20th Birthday!!!
He received 2 packages for his Birthday, which made me so Jealous!
Just Kidding. He is so Lucky. hahaha.
Well, This Companionship for me is the Craziest Companionship I had so far! He is Beyond Description, He is like My Ideal Companion. We are really enjoying our Companionship. We just have this Strong Bond Of Brotherhood. haha. He is such an Amazing Missionary! I am really impressed with his Tagalog too! Doesn't have a Problem with his Teaching Skills, He is Really Good at it.
We are Looking Forward for a New and marvelous Work to come!
That's All for today!

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