Monday, August 31, 2015

Rejoice!... Through ups and Downs of Life!

Hello Everyone!
Well, It's Monday again! And I have A Great News for all of you!!!
Last Wednesday when our Zone Leaders announced that,
My Heart was really Jumping Up and Down! Elder Naylor and I were so Happy, that we are still staying together for another 6 Weeks. So Awesome!!!
And also, last Saturday, One of our Amazing solid Investigator Sister Jaycee got baptized!!! Hurray! Few Members showed up because they had an Activity at the Stake. But The Baptismal Service was still Amazing!
One of our Recent Convert here in Lupao was called to speak for her Baptism.
She shared a Great Talk! Sister Jaycee was really Happy that Day!
Another Good News!, 3 of our Faithful and Smart Investigators passed the Interviews! I knew that they will pass it. I know how the Spirit touched their Hearts, I know how they got their Testimonies, I know their Weaknesses, I know their Strengths. And I also know that they are Ready to enter the Waters of Baptism on the 5th of September! I Learned a lot from these 3 Investigators.
They Loved the Church, and They are all engaged in the Activities in the Church. The Ward has had some Changes Yesterday... We had our Ward Conference! The Chapel was filled with 118 Members and 7 Non Members.
Some of Our Recent Converts joined The Ward Choir and performed a Great Musical Number! Well, Our Bishop and 1st Counselor got released yesterday, And one of The Best Person here in Lupao was called to serve as a Bishop. Our New Bishop is Bishop Ducusin. I really Love Our Last and New Bishop. We get along really well. And The Ward has New Goals.
The Ward is Planning to give Callings to Our Recent Converts which is Really Good! It will help them a lot.
It seems that I'm still struggling with my Attitude, and I think I still need to work with My Christlike Attributes more.
We had some difficulties last Week as a Companion. I am the Problem, And I don't want that to affect our Relationship as a Companion. I Love Elder Naylor, And I am so Grateful that We will be together for another 6 Weeks. I do admire his Personality, and Love his humor. One of our Strength is Our Bond as Companions and will be, until We say Goodbye from one another. 
We had a Zone Activity just a couple hours ago. It was really Fun!
There's some new Faces in our Zone, because some of them got transferred last Thursday.
We were Studying Real Growth through Obedience, and It reminded me of my Trainer a lot. I am so Grateful for his Example and Obedience. For He taught me The Do's and Dont's in this Mission. It was a Big Blessing for me. I Love My Trainer so much. Obedience will really set us free from Guilt, Regrets, and Sins. So Please, BE OBEDIENT!

That's All for today...
Philippines Angeles Mission

*Baptism Pictures
*Elder Naylor and Me
*Zone Activity

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