Sunday, February 7, 2016

Spiritual Week!

Hello Everyone!

Transfer Week is coming!!! It will be on the 10th of February.
I strongly believe that Elder Berdin and I will both stay on our area.
Haha, I am still finishing his training, and I still want to be with Elder Berdin for another transfer.
Anyway, Our week's highlight is the Baptism of our 2 Wonderful Investigators.
Bro. Alejandro and Sister Lady Rose... They got baptize last Saturday and confirmed as a member of the Church yesterday.
They we're really nervous to share their testimonies, but they overcame the fear to speak in front of us after their ordinance.
They shared a short and powerful testimony. I wrote their testimonies in a piece of paper. Brother Alejandro said that God showed him the right way, while sister Lady Rose said that She has been waiting and searching for the truth and was really grateful that she found it!
I love the, And we as missionaries and members of this branch will continue to minister to them.
Well, last Monday we contacted a media referral that lives really really far from our focused area. She's 19, A catholic and currently studying as a Nurse, She's really nice and she committed to be baptize on March.
But this morning, We received a text message from her that her mom won't allow her to change their religion.
Elder Berdin and I we're really devastated after reading the text, For we have felt her desire to follow the Savior's Example, and during the lesson, I can tell that She's feeling the Spirit. But I can't control her life, She has her own Agency, I am still grateful that Elder Berdin and I were able to share the message of the restoration of the Gospel to her and We were able to declare a voice of warning to her.
This Experience reminds me of the scripture verse in Helaman 12:1 that says:
And thus we can behold how false, and also the unsteadiness of the hearts of the children of men; yea, we can see that the Lord in his great infinite goodness dothbless and prosper those who put their trust in him.
Well, We have an Unsteady Heart, But if We hold on to what we know is right, and If we stand strong for our decisions in life, We will be set free. We will be happy. We will become what God wants us to become.
Also, one of the best moment last week was, When my Trainee and I were walking to one of our teaching appointment and suddenly we saw a young man sitting outside the gate of a house. I received a strong feeling that We should talk to the young man, So I told my Trainee that He should OYM the man. So He did, and while sharing the Gospel, We found out that he's 16 years old, and currently facing a Family Problem.
He asked us if we have time to talk to him about it.
What happens next was, We found ourselves teaching him, about God's Plan, about Families, and about the Savior.
He shared more of his life to us openly, and He was shedding in tears while sharing.
I tapped his back and gave him a little shoulder hug. He was comforted and received and assurance that everything will be well again.
That is part of our responsibilities as members and missionaries,
"To mourn with those that mourn"
I am Grateful that I am an official Minister. I am Grateful that The Holy Ghost is there to guide us.
That is all for today.
We'll You all take care!!!
(Advance Happy Valentines Day)
Lots of Love:Elder Ordejan
Philippines Angeles Mission
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